Fragebogen: Mobiledevices

1. Which mobile devices do you normally use?
tablet nothing
PC something else
mobile phone

2. How often do you use them?
       hours per day

3. What do you use them for?
for researching something for listening to music
for gaming for homework
for chatting for something else
for social media for nothing

4. When did you get your first smartphone?
       years ago

5. Which social media do you prefer?
Instagram Houseparty
Snapchat Skype
Facebook Whatsapp
Twitter Line
Tumblr Telegram
Youtube Something else

6. What would you do if someone unknown texted you?
ignore inform my parents/friends about it
text back

7. Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying?
yes no

8. If you were a victim of cyberbullying, what would you do against that?
I have never been a victim of cyberbullying I'd do something against it
I'd ignore it I'd go to the police
I'd tell about it to someone I'd talk to a teacher about it

9. Have you ever cyberbullied someone?
no I was part of it

10. What do you think about (cyber-)bullying in general?
It's very bad It's good
It's bad It's very good
I don't care

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