Gemeinsam gegen Corona: Online-Workshop Masken-Nähen am 22.05.20


Gemeinsam gegen Corona: Wer näht die pfiffigste, peppigste oder coolste Stoffmaske? Am 22. Mai treffen wir uns in der Näh-AG zu einem neuen Workshop für alle Interessierten und nähen gemeinsam unsere Behelfs-Mund-Nasen-Maske. Wir freuen uns, wenn möglichst viele bei unserem Online-Event dabei sind.

Hier ist der Link:

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Die Aktion bleibt international…

Dear friends,

the situation in Europe is now more of a „one nation job“ rather than a „common sense“ situation. It’s a step backwards. So I would like to do a very small action within the framework of our projects or planned projects: Europe needs a vision: not alone but together

I would like to sew breathing masks together. We will try it out on 8th May at Inda-Gymnasium with pupils and parents and colleagues. Some of our sewing group will meet at school and show how to sew masks. The others will participate online and sew at home. Afterwards each participant will send a selfie which we will upload into a Padlet.

I would like to do this also on EU level and would like other students, colleagues in Italy, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Finland, Turkey, Romania, Portugal to participate.

We could then use the film and the padlet as a result for the projects and perhaps submit it to our National Agency as the Project of the Month. I will also ask the newspaper about an article. They will get the link for that as well. The European Sewing-Meeting would be the 22nd May. We will start at 13:30, and we will finish at 16:00.

Anja and I would be happy to carry out this work.

It would be nice to meet you!

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Stay healthy and take care!